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Heartwood Bowl Pricing

My prices are determined by:

* The quality and availability of the wood used. About 70% of the wood I turn I purchase because it has very unusual grain patterns. For example, to find and purchase material in Maple Burl or Redwood Burl with proper integrity to make an 18” x 7” bowl is very difficult and expensive.

* Size of the bowl blank—more material costs more.

* Time to machine and sand, and total curing time. Wood with swirling grain patterns is unique and beautiful, but much more difficult to shape with a flawless surface. Woods such as Walnut take longer to cure completely.

* General market guidelines for this type of craft.

* If you would like to make an offer of a different price, while assessing the factors above, I will carefully consider it.

Ordering Information

To make an inquiry or to order a bowl, please use our online Customer Contact Form.

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13-1/2" x 7"
Quilted Big Leaf Maple #45
9" x 4-1/2"
Big Leaf Maple Burl #46
11" x 5"
Elm Burl #47


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