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Welcome to Heartwood Bowls!

My name is Scott Trumbo, and my purpose within this craft is to apply the best tools and techniques to the most stunning hardwoods I can find; to yield useful bowls that are very pleasing to the eye and comfortable to the hands. I believe the eye should be pulled upward by a well shaped bowl. These bowls make excellent gifts and I receive great pleasure from seeing them find new homes! My bowls can be your family heirlooms for generations!


In 1969 I took woodshop in a rural high school in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and I really enjoyed using the wood lathe. Industrial sales management and sales have been my primary work, but now there are unique hardwood bowls with my signature on them being used on the East Coast and West Coast. I have done woodturning demos in various American Association of Woodturners clubs throughout the West Coast. I live with my wife and two children in western Oregon.

Heartwood Bowls Process

Most of the materials I use are premium native west coast woods, with Big Leaf Maple and Big Leaf Maple Burl being the dominant woods I work with. I also turn Myrtlewood, Pacific Madrone, Coastal Redwood Burl, Red Alder, Claro Walnut, Sycamore, the fruitwoods, and some imported exotics. I will gladly turn a bowl from a piece of wood you furnish, as long as it is appropriate.

  • Fresh hardwood logs or blocks are ripped lengthwise with the grain through the center by a chainsaw. Parallel thin slices are taken from both edges of the log. These cuts help minimize cracking and determine the depth of the bowl.
  • The half logs are then cut into round discs on my bandsaw, which are the maximum dimension of the log width.
  • A faceplate is screwed on to the broadest side of the blank and it is mounted onto my 25” x 42” lathe. The exterior of the bowl is shaped with a foot enclosing a dove tailed recess. The green bowl is now held by the dovetail recess and it is hollowed to approximately a 1 ˝” rim thickness. The entire bowl is coated with a wax emulsion and air dried on a sticker for 6 to 10 months. I am a co-owner of a fine little company that makes super duty turning tools and wood lathes found at

All of my bowls are produced using Serious Tools.

When the bowl dries to a low and stable moisture content, I remount it on the lathe and finish turn the exterior and the interior. Details such as burn marks and various textures can be added to the rim area. The last step on the lathe is hand and power sanding the bowl down to a minimum of 400 grit--and sometimes as fine as 1200 grit.

  • The bowl is saturated with a polymerized penetrating tung oil. This product uses a citrus derived solvent—and no petroleum distillates or chemical driers.
  • After a week, a top coat of a walnut oil and beeswax is applied.
  • All of my bowls are one piece, just like it grew in the tree. It is guaranteed against splitting with normal usage.

Bowl Care:

When your bowl starts looking a little tired and dry, rub it with walnut oil. Wipe it in an hour and recoat it in a day. Apply 6 coats. This is a clean, organic product that bonds with the wood and is available at grocery stores. Do not use another oil, as it will turn rancid and perform poorly.
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